Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog presentation/Presentazione del blog/博客介绍

Conceptual map/Mappa concettuale/概念图

The conceptual map we created, consisting of names referring to themes, concepts and ideas compiled from our blog around the words "wet & dry, " has as its goal to establish more or less close relations between both these terms in order to offer, even at first reading, a general idea of what we have raised through our search process.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Underwater photographyr/Fotografia subacquea/水下摄影

These pictures are made by Zena Holloway.

Zena Holloway is an outstanding British underwater photographer. Her works have a rich imagination, giving a unique visual experience.

Dried Food/Alimenti disidratati/干货

Dried food refers to condiments or food that are got rid of water by air-dried, sun baking and other methods.

Wet signs/Segnaletica bagnata/湿迹象

Segnali che indicano pericoli derivanti da superfici e materiali bagnati

Signs indicating hazards from wet surfaces and materials



Fashion in the dry sand/沙漠中的时尚

It blend togethe the perseverance of young men and the gentle and lovely of the girls, fascination.

The Models wearing costume are exposed in the desert. The sexy style and warm atmosphere are harmonious with the temperature of the desert.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Postage stamps/Francobolli/邮票

The saliva bathes the back of the postage stamp that, once dried, remains attached to the letter.

Water-activated stamp — for many years, water-activated stamps were the only type available, so this term entered into use with the advent of self-adhesive stamps. The adhesive or gum on a water-activated stamp must be moistened (usually by licking, thus the stamps are also known as «lick and stick»).”